Blueberry farming is blooming and thanks to recent trade agreements with countries like China it has become a land of opportunity for new and eager entrepreneurs and experienced investors alike.


With increasing farms for sale in Abbotsford for blueberry farming the locals have also began playing a major part in contributing towards its production. Not only are these farms a great way to serve the community, but also has a huge scope to become a part of the export trades.


Here are a few primary reasons why blueberry farming business is a great idea for new and experienced investors:


Blueberry farming belt offers lower rents: Since a majority block of the land in these belts is restricted for farming, the rents haven't escalated much. This gives the experienced farmers and entrepreneurs a chance to take advantage of the cheap rent and cash in on the blueberry fortune.


Blueberry farming can be profitable with the increasing export scenario, reaching out to new blossoming markets like China. This bust for berries in a belt makes the farming a profitable business and according to a recent report, recent deals have escalated the selling price that farmers can earn around 230 times as compared to the previous per-acre average.


Horde to get some land: Since the ties improved for exports to mainland China, the listings for all small and large farms in the belt have been picked up regularly by the buyers. This has created a rush for land that can be utilized for Blueberry farming.


According to Farm Credit Canada the farmland averages approximate $2,500 per acre in a recent report. Amidst this rush for land a 4.5-acre blueberry farm was sold at around @2.5 million. This makes it a great investment even from a real estate's point of view.


Increasing demand for farms like vineyards: According to a trade group which comprises of hundreds of blueberry farmers mentioned that Chinese entrepreneurs people are taking keen interest in taking advantage of the outlying opportunity and are buying new vineyards in the recent past to export wine in China.


These farms appear to be a great investment and are being considered as lottery tickets for much of the new buyers as they look at the redevelopment potential. Those who aren't looking to invest, are constructing some beautiful and luxurious estate homes surrounded by beautiful berries.


Avail exciting tax benefits:

Using the land for farming is a great way to cut taxes. In some cases the owners have also leased out the land to local farming community. This has encouraged the farmers to pursue blueberry farming and become a flourishing business.


The China-cherry deal that was finalized in 2014, experienced a large boost in export values which are around 70% in a single year. The owners not present in the vicinity have leased the lands to the new entrepreneurs.


Needless to say these lands make for a great retirement home in the middle of berries. Invest today and reap benefits for the times to come.


Therefore, if you want to become an entrepreneur in the agriculture field then it is a great opportunity to earn extended profits by becoming a part of this global phenomenon. You can check out the latest listings for blueberry farms on Here you can find some of the best pieces of land at very competitive prices. They provide unmatched quality service and follow a client first approach in their operations. This allows them to serve you well and handle all your real estate purchase related queries diligently and professionally in a timely manner.







If we talk about the real estate scenario in the past three years, then the Canadian government had to take some strong decisions and minimize their spending by almost $5 billion thereby shunting approximately 19,000 jobs in public service sector.


Investing in real estate and buying farms for sale in Abbotsford is a promising options these days and can help you create a strong foundation for your future. Let’s take a look at some promising benefits of investing in real estate.


  • Create a sound backup plan: You might be hating your job or even tired of the never ending meetings, bureaucracy, unwanted travel or halts in your professional career. Always be aware that these factors can together create an impact on your health.


Real estate investments give you a sound plan to fall back upon and give you the freedom to simply walk away from an unappealing job or career. No high level positions can match the ample returns offered by the real estate market.


  • Creating a healthier lifestyle: With all the hustle bustle of the daily life one tends to forget the benefits of eating a healthy diet and maintaining a good lifestyle. While other commitments take up most of the time, the stress can take its toll and deteriorate your health.


With a sound real estate investment you can destress yourself and concentrate on having a healthy lifestyle again. The added free time will be a great perk for your health.


  • Possibility of a  sabbatical adventure: What if your dream vacation that was delayed for several years becomes a reality. Real estate investments provide ample returns for you to plan a sabbatical, the returns will not only finance for your travel arrangements but will also help in handling other related costs.


This gives you a chance to explore new horizons and experience different cultures around the world in the best possible manner. About time you take that long awaited break, invest now.


  • Following your passion: Wouldn’t it be great to follow something you are passionate about? Indeed it would be. With a good real estate investment watching your back, you can move ahead and start a business, or do something like a music hobby, writing, reading based on your personal interest. Catch up with old friends and fulfil your friendship goals.


Make the best out of your life and live it to the fullest knowing that you have something to look back on.


  • Retire early: A typical working scenario isn’t as lucrative as a scenario where your real estate investment allows you to retire early giving you more time to spend with your loved ones and doing what you always wanted to do. You can include more recreational activities, spend time with kids and live a life that isn’t monotonous.


  • Pay for your children’s education without hassle: Majority of us hate the volatile nature of investing options like stock markets and it also comes with a higher level of risk . You can’t really rely on stock markets to create a stable source of income. However, owning a property and letting the tenants for its mortgage is a great way to save more money which enables you to take care education expenses in the future.


Reap  the benefits of rental income once the mortgage is paid off and send your children to the best educational institutions to help them create a bright future.


Therefore, if you wish to invest in a beneficial property like a blueberry farm of hobby farm or want to explore other available options, then visit today.


When you go out to purchase any property there are a myriad of real estate terms being used between the professionals which you do not understand straight away. Whether you are buying a farm, blueberry plantation or house with acreage in Abbotsford and other nearby areas, there are some basic terms which you must be well versed with.


Having knowledge of these basic terms will help you in understanding the deals better and keep you informed about the whole process. Here are some of the basic terms used in real estate market that you must have an idea about:


  • Assessed Value: It is a value assigned to you property by a tax assessing authority in terms of dollars. It is slightly different from the value assigned by private assessors.


  • Amortization: It is a means of paying off the procured mortgage which collectively involved principal and interest for the loan amount. In a typical scenario people pay more tax initially rather than principal amount.


  • Closing: It refers to the meeting where the deal is finalized and both parties sign the documents and money exchange takes place.


  • Cash Reserves: The money left with the buyer after making the down payment and other added expenses.


  • Closing Costs:  These are the expenses incurred by buyer or seller on a closure, these include- commissions, insurance, mortgage fee etc.


  • Earnest Deposit: The deposit given at the time of offer to display keen interest in the property. The deposit is later incorporated in the down payment and is refundable in case the deal doesn’t work out.


  • Contingency: it is a clause added to an agreement to keep things from binding legally till certain conditions are ment. For example- home inspection or acceptable financing arrangements.


  • Escrow: It is an account set up exclusively to receive payments from buyers in order to cover costs like taxes and insurance.


  • Equity: Difference between the unpaid balance of your mortgage and fair market value of the home is known as equity.


  • Interest: Cost incurred on the event of borrowing money is referred as rate of interest.


  • Home Warranty: Buyers and Sellers can pay a small amount to add warranty to a house, issues like plumbing, heating etc are covered under it.


  • MLS: A multiple listing service refers to an organization responsible for collection and distribution of information related to home sales. The data is used to add more listings on sites like and the membership isn’t available for public.


  • Mortgage Brokers: They are individuals or organizations which bring the lenders and borrowers together. The broker is not responsible for funding, but takes care of processes involved whilst taking the client to a lender.


  • Principal Amount: It is the amount of money borrowed during a purchase. For example if $100 is the amount borrowed at 10% then $90 is the principal amount and $10 is the interest that needs to be paid.


  • PMI- Private Mortgage Insurance: It is a premium paid for an insurance by the homebuyer to keep the risk off the lender in case of a default. PMI is discontinued in case 20% of equity is paid off.


  • Point: 1% of the mortgage value is known as point. Buyer can earn points by paying more money upfront in order to get low interest rate at the time of buying.


  • Realtor: An estate agent who is a member of a national association is known as realtor. They are hold high standards and ethics during their dealings.


Get in touch with experts at to see the avaialble listings of farms, houses with acreage and more with complete assistance throughout the purchase. Visit the website today. 


Far away from the hustle bustle and stress of the city are the houses with acreage in Abbotsford. These places are free from the everyday noise and save you from the negative energies in the city. Apart from these factors cities don't really offer spacious homes with a yard space and you spend your time in condos or small homes. Thus, if you are also looking forward to find a home with some land and live not so far away from the city in a laid-back style then houses with acreage are an option worth considering.

Indulge is a mellow style of living with peace of mind every day. Drive to work from your house and make the best of life. S what makes living in a house with acreage fun? Here are some notable benefits that you get by living in a dream home.

  • Creative Freedom:

Living in an acreage home gives you a lot of freedom and allows you to build the home the way you want. You can utilize more space as yard and even start up your own small kitchen or hobby farms to enjoy fresh and healthy produce at home. You can have your own pool and have a bash with the best of friends.


  • Embrace Nature:

Nothings beats the experience that a lush green exterior would give your. The blossoming beauties of nature and you sitting in your chair sipping on coffee while admiring the view. You can now embrace nature at its best- integrate it in your lifestyle, have fresh produce like fruits, vegetables and also save money that you might have to spend otherwise. It is also a great way to have sustained agro-products for a healthy lifestyle.


  • Additional Storage:

If you ever thought where you can put all those things you love without having to worry about space, house with acreage can help with that. Store your vehicles, trailers, boats, adventure sports equipment and a lot more in your new house. You may also add a shed for storage and protect your decoration materials form wearing out in the spacious new property.


  • Equity:

Property itself has a lot of value and any additional improvements to the same are just for the better. Purchasing the property at the right time will prove to be a valuable asset later as the extra land will help in securing a much better deal when the market elevates, giving you more in terms of finances.


  • Quality Private Time:

All the hustle bustle of the city life can often be accompanied by a lack of privacy for you and your loved ones. A silent home in the suburbs will make up for that and leave you feeling more relaxed with a beautiful clean view of the morning. The open land makes for a delightful sight adding to the privacy factor to a great extent.


  • Space For Everyone:

Family bonding is easy in these houses as they provide enough space to everyone. They can explore and do a wide range of activities such as movie nights, camp fires with marshmallows, recreational games or simply watch the stars take over the sky as you lay on the lush green grass in the yard. You can also get a fun place to play games with your pets and have a good time.


Hence, if you wish to buy a home will full acre visit and see the list of all available homes with acreage in the nearby places at the most competitive prices.


As the concept of hobby farming becomes more popular among the locals, people are keen on getting fresh produce at smaller distances from their place. There are a large number of hobby farms for sale in Abbotsford, which are a perfect place to set up a greenhouse based farming project to sell the produce to the locals.


Hobby farming is not only beneficial for you on a financial front but will help you create a self sustaining system for your farm in the long run. Here are a few ways how hobby farms can be a great asset to your property and will give added benefits in the long run.


Eco-friendly System:

Hobby farms are a great way to work in synch with nature and create a ecosystem which is organic and sustainable in the long run. The designs of greenhouses are meant to cater to the needs of humans too and they serve in a great way during winters. These houses are rich in oxygen and help in nourishing the humans as well.


Ability To Create Diversity:

With the extensive productivity of these farms followed with enhanced yields the greenhouses can become home to a wide range of plants and give you ample food options. You can mix and create produce which is highly diverse in nature. You can utilize the place to have a diverse garden of your own growing herbs, vines, fruits and more. It keeps you stress free and helps you maintain your health with healthy combination of plants.


Distance From Home:

Hobby farms enable you to grow produce as per your convenience. You can plant them at different distances depending upon the utilization of the products. For example- you can have fruits in the first designated area which is close to kitchen. As the areas progress, you can set up different ones for vegetables, commodities, watershed etc. Installing solar panels on the greenhouses can reduce expenditure and dependency on other fuels. Thus, it is a great way to reap all natural benefits with complete utilization of available resources.


Integrative Farming:

Hobby farming can also help you understand the impact of all the elements on the overall system. DIfferent plants growing nearby will affect the whole ecosystem and benefits each other in multiple ways. For example- a pond can release the humidity it acquires during the day to create a cooling effect at night. It will give a way for wildlife like frogs to grow while also serving as a meditation area.  It is also a great way to control the population of insects.


Getting Close To Nature:

Nature is everywhere and bees, wasps, butterflies, earthworms, bacteria play their significant roles even inside a greenhouse environment. They all have a role in maintaining the balance of nature. With a well oriented plan you can protect yourself from the cold winds and sunlight alike. Trees provide the required shade and boost the greenhouse to its optimal potential.

Aesthetic Appeal:

Greenhouse is a great way to become psychologically connected with nature and engage different senses with changing seasons. You may add to the appearance of the place with beautiful flower plantations which add a natural fragrance to the place making it aesthetically enhanced for the visitors and yourself.


So, ready to start your own hobby farm? Visit today and see all the availabel listings near you at the most competitive prices in the market. Their experts will help you identify the best piece of land based on your needs and help you buy the same at the best prices whilst handling all the formalities involved.



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