People often wonder how taking a blueberry farm for sale in Abbotsford can be beneficial. It is simple, it is a great opportunity to join the blueberry producing community and contribute towards the export of the same. But, did you know that you can also use your fresh produce to prepare some awesome delicacies at home. These recipes are easy to prepare and with the fresh ingredients you can enjoy the dream of living in the farmhouse.


  • Blueberry Shortcake: Leave the old time strawberries behind and replace with fresh and delicious blueberries to make a shortcake. Grab some fresh blueberries from your farm and do the whole recipe with them. It will give you a nice shift from the usual strawberry shortcake, if you still want then you can add sliced strawberry rings, handful of cherries to make it a multicolored one.


  • Blueberry Cobbler Or A Pie: Pick some fresh blueberries from your farm and turn them into a lip smacking blueberry cobbler or a warm and delightful blueberry pie.


  • Muffins With Ice Cream: Blueberry muffins are simply the best idea you can come up with when looking for something to soothe your sweet cravings. Better is to top it off with your favorite ice cream and entertain yourself with a sundae. Want more? Try having it with a flavored yogurt.


  • Blueberry Smoothy: Take a 3/4th cup of plain or flavored yogurt, mix it with a tsp of agave nectar, some spinach leaves, about ½ a cup of milk and put in frozen blueberries in handsome quantity and relish on a delicious and healthy blueberry smoothy.


  • Blueberry Pancakes: Treat yourself and your loved ones to a special blueberry pancake brunch on a weekend. Simply add fresh blueberries into the batter and have a good time.


  • Cheese Apricots With Blueberries: How about a sumptuous spoonfuls of a dish that is an awesome appetizer for all occasions. The toasted pieces of walnut are toasted with honey, then mixed into goat cheese and lemon. Then the halved apricots are scooped in with this mixture and served topped with delicious blueberries.


  • Creamy Blueberries:  A good recipe doesn’t always have to be complex or contain a lot of ingredients. Sumptuous results can be achieved by adding the blueberries in heavy cream to be eaten in bliss.


  • Blueberry Cocktail: Are you fond of alcoholic beverages? Then take a glass and add a few ice cubes followed by blueberries and slices of green apple. Add your favourite alcohol along with glass full of Riesling.


  • Blueberry Jam: It is easy to prepare and tastes great. Take 5 cups of blueberries, add some lemon juice, a pinch of salt and ½ a cup of sugar. Stir them and mash properly while it is being heated on a medium flame. Preparation time wouldn’t be more than 20 minutes. When the jam is ready, pour it into glass jars and seal it. You can also refrigerate it to enjoy a cooler version.


If this catches your interest, also try some fruity skewers at home. Pool in different fruits like bananas, pineapple, strawberries and blueberries to prepare skewers. You can also mix them with cream or yogurt and eat it after refrigerating it.


So, what are you waiting for? Visit today and find yourself a beautiful blueberry farm where you can live the country life and grow fresh produce organically. A farm will not only give you a financial freedom, but will also help you get fresh produce regularly along with a stable real estate investment.






Many potential buyers have several unanswered questions when they begin looking at farms for sale in Abbotsford. They often lack the knowledge behind the purchase and many a times end up making wrong purchase decisions. As a result their money is stuck in the huge investment and they don’t know what to do with it.


There are lot of things that even your most experienced of friends and relatives can’t tell you when you are out looking for a land to start farming. In this article we throw light on some of the most important things that nobody ever tells the buyers beforehand. Let’s take a look at some of them in the following points:


Find a realtor with an experience in farm land dealings: It is a good idea to find a realtor who has already had experience in dealing with farm lands. They will have all the required details like soil types, the area’s existing water rights etc on their tips. An experienced guide will source all the information about all complex issues and help you invest in the right piece of land.


Farm land’s proximity to local markets: It is very important to consider the distance between your farmland and the local markets. The state of distribution channels can certainly help you in determining which piece of land to purchase. More distance would lead to additional costs, energy consumption and time consumption.


History associated with the land you want to buy: Enquire about the past owners from the neighbours and find out if there are any stories associated with the piece of land that you are looking forward to buy. Neighbours can also shed light on water usage policies and other related details. Nobody would like to live in a haunted place unless you are thrill seeker. So, it is best to get hold of all the information beforehand.


Infrastructure scenario in the area: Find out about the restrictions related to outside buildings in the properties, fencing, etc. Infrastructure related information is essential to have before making an investment into the place. Assess all the available assets and possibilities of improvement in the near future before making a deal.


Complete site evaluation prior to purchase: Add more credibility to your purchase decision by visiting the potential purchase beforehand during escrow. Determine what would be the best use, whether you want to indulge into commercial farming or hobby farming or any other. Check for the slopes in the geographical layout of the land and how the climate around stays in comparison to the general climate. All these factors will give you a clear about the kind of farming you can do in the area.


Find out more about the neighbourhood first: Neighbours play an integral role in our lives, be it a condo or a large farmhouse. Once you’ve shortlisted the land, take an initiative and meet the neighbours to find out about them. If there is a disconnect or unlikeability factor between you and the neighbour right from the start, then you will have a hard time functioning in the area and constantly have problems in the future. Neighbours should be cordial and be available for each other during times of need.


Therefore, the need of the hour is to do your homework beforehand and invest your time in researching about your desired piece of land. Don’t hesitate to utilize your resources and spend a few extra bucks for a stress free purchase. Visit and have a look at all the available listings in your desired area. Their unmatched assistance can help you secure the best deal that will serve your purpose well.



Interested in beginning a career in organic farming? Thanks to the ongoing trend and customer’s increased interest in the organic produce you can take advantage of the outlying scenario. Choose from the farms for sale in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Langley, Mission, Cloverdale and more areas to start on the path. Here are some significant benefits of getting involved in organic farming.


Organic farming is a secure option: As per the present scenario organic farming is a better option than the traditional forms of farming. It is also among the fastest growing segments in the agriculture sector and thus will provide a more secure career option to the pursuers.

Another major benefit of organic farming is that you will improve several skills and will be able to become more persistent to everyday challenges of farming.


It requires less initial investment: Although not without incurring costs, organic farming requires low initial investments to begin the business. You don’t need huge capital like traditional farming and save a significant amount of money that would be spent on chemical fertilizers, genetically modified seeds, pesticides and more. Organic farming cuts down these costs making the process easier to follow.


Increasing sales of organic produce: The sector itself is showing awesome growth and the organic produce has become extremely popular among the masses. Over 70% of the stores today are selling organic products. Therefore, if you are producing organic goods then you are in for a premium as buyers are ready to pay more for organic produce and you can easily withstand any major changes taking place in the economy.


Gain ecological benefits with organic farming: Although eco and organic doesn’t mean the same. But as an organic producer you can get the following advantages:


  • Improved methods of water protection and conservations
  • Optimized input costs in terms of fuels and natural fertilizers
  • Means to protect biodiversity
  • Elimination of toxic substances from farming processes
  • Mitigating the chances of global warming


Higher resistance to drought: Crops raises organically have a higher resistance to draughts and they also consume less water due to the absence of water soluble chemical fertilizers. In case of limited water supply the organic crops can still flourish giving the farmers better produce to sell.


Having healthier soil at farm: The soil health deteriorates over repeated production of crops. The chemical fertilizers also suck out the nutrients from the soil often leaving the land unfit for long use. Organic farming on the other hand prevents this from happening and the organically produced crops maintain the nutrient content in the soil for its overall health.


On top of that, organic farming helps fight soil erosion and farmers experience only one third of soil erosion compared what they would have experienced in case of traditional farming.


Improved opportunities for marketing: Farmers pursuing career in organic farming get access to all the enticing marketing tools as compared to those involved in traditional farming. From a wide range of DIY ideas, organic produce has many low cost options for marketing, thereby giving them easy opportunities to market their products to a wider market.


Being up to date about latest developments: You can get all the educational perks with organic farming. Although it can a bit challenging to stay up to date with the latest developments and have a hands on approach towards new researches and news. Thanks to the challenges you can always keep learning more and benefit from the ideas to further educate yourself on the subject.


Find the right land to begin your venture in organic farming at competitive prices with unmatched services only at . Happy Farming days ahead. 


Ah! the hustle bustle of the city; the fast paced life with all the modern amenities just around the corner. Doesn't feel right to you? No problem, you can always move out of the city and find an abode for yourself in a more rural setting. Take a look at farms for sale in Abbotsford, Langley, Mission, Chilliwack, and more to find a place closer to nature minus all the distractions of a modern day city.


Give wings to your hobby farming or start a blueberry farm of your own. Create a greenhouse and do some organic farming for your own consumption and selling to the local community. Before you set out on this new adventure, have a look at some important things that will help you find the perfect location:


Understand the true purpose: Find out the true purpose behind moving to a new piece of land and take into consideration all the important things that you would be willing to do on the land you purchase. Having a clear vision will make things easier; have an idea as to how many people will be living on property, will you be raising any livestock or will you start some business like blueberry farming or organic farming and more. Take time to find out what you want to do with your farm.


Essentials related to farm size: Before choosing the size of the farm make sure you have a clear idea about what you are going to produce and how much are you going consume out of it. There are different dimensions associated with different types of farm related activities. If you are going for farming you must a pond or at least a good supply of water to sustain the whole thing. Take all the factors into keen consideration.


Expenses on additional structures: With great farm comes great responsibility and you will always need space to store your equipment and park vehicles. Apart from that you will definitely need fencing and additional structures to protect your produce or livestock. There are a wide range of fencings available and they all come in different types with varying prices. Keep these additional costs in mind when choosing a farm.


In additions to fences you can also have barns and have them duly inspected. Always keep them in top condition so that they remain usable. Barns make the set-up more convenient.


Enough land worth farming: With large acres of land as a part of a deal, make sure there is enough of it for farming. Not all land is farmable and a lot of land portions have streams or wooded areas or even valleys which cannot be used for farming purposes. Double check your farmable acres before finalizing a deal.


Coping up with more challenges: While staying in the country side sounds cool, it comes with its own set of challenges as well. Always perform a proximity check in the local area and see the locations of retail stores and services. It is often the case that larger chunks of land are more secluded that the rest and you would have to stick to weekly schedules for restocking your stuff.


Also, take into consideration access to facilities like police station, healthcare or fire departments. You can always come up with additional farm insurance coverage, first aid kits and advanced home security system in place.

Evaluate each and every aspect of the deal before signing the documents and becoming proud owners of a farm. To understand all the related aspects about farm purchasing visit today and get in touch with the experts for a complete walkthrough of the process.



Much like each asset on the planet, land is likewise limited and will turn out to be rare sooner or later. Many avid investors anticipate to put money in farms for sale in Abbotsford. Other promising areas of trade include- Chilliwack, Langley, Mission, Surrey, Cloverdale, North Delta & White Rock.


With the spirit goal of profiting, financial specialists put their cash in astutely and advantage an incredible arrangement from these speculations. Market trends continue changing, much like the costs of these grounds and in case you're willing to invest into ranches, houses with real estate or blueberry homesteads to give some examples, then here are several up and coming trends that may prove to be useful when making a purchase.


LImited Numbers:

Because of a monetary downturn, sometime in the past the advancement stopped and this prompt to drop in the offers of homesteads and properties alike. This lead to a scarcity of 'completed lots' or 'land prepared to fabricate new homes'.

This creates an opportunity for the investors to grab stealing deals on unfinished land and pitch them at an essentially higher cost to acquire extraordinary benefits.


Rural Investments:

In the past, numerous urban communities have stepped forward to build up their downtown zones. As the average cost for basic items rises ordinary individuals are reverting to town focuses and walkable neighborhoods to live. Financial specialists can spend resources into rural areas and trade on it out the long run. Rural improvement isn't dead, it will just set aside greater opportunity to happen. This makes more moderate speculation choices to put resources into accordingly making solid land assets.


Effect Of Lending Institutions:

Barely any land purchasers pay for it with money, most of them are supported by lenders to finance a significant part of the deal. As the land markets restore after the air pocket burst, saving money organizations have withdrawn their looser end rehearses and made a strict methodology for loaning of credits. Mortgage rates are being revised and buyers are required to pay a higher up front installment. Subsequently, speculators ought to have a perfect reputation and recall that having an abandonment or short deals will the borrowing difficult.


Venture For Rentals:

At the point when youngsters set out all alone on the planet they lean toward leasing a loft or apartment suite amid their modest beginnings. This increases the value of the residential accommodations. Financial specialists can put their cash in private market and thus get customary salary as rentals. They can purchase single family private homes and advantage by utilizing them as investment properties. Getting the thought decidedly, a few speculators even purchased unused parcels to make private lofts and have delighted in rental salary from that point forward.


Administrative Measures:

Local governments and experts have constantly assumed a huge part in the upliftment of the land business. Rules identified with farmland protection and land advancement have encouraged the conceivable outcomes to contribute more while keeping up not all that bad benefits. Financial specialists ought to  remain informed about new directions issued by these experts. Controls can directly affect purchasing and offering alike and in this way the financial specialists ought to stay educated of any improvements whether huge or little.


The historical backdrop of land viability has encountered highs and lows, however one thing is without a doubt, that the business sectors dependably balance out and afterward move in a dynamic course. Need to claim a farmland for venture purposes or would you like set up a hotspot for rental pay? Visit and observe all the accessible postings in your coveted areas and no more focused costs.



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