Becoming a farmer is not just about growing food, but it is a way to interact and give back to the community as a whole. When you start looking at farms for sale in Abbotsford, make sure you are mentally prepared for upcoming physical toil, financial challenges and constantly learning new techniques. 


There will always be a requirement for food and as we progress the need of the hour is to have intelligent and smart farmers taking the helm of the farming industry. Thus, to make things easier for you we will throw light on some key rules that should be taken into careful consideration before starting your new farming venture.


Avoid financing your venture with borrowed money:

The first thumb rule in farming business is to avoid financing the business with borrowed money. There are always natural factors like drought or plague or more which can put you in crisis. Hence, it is unwise to finance your farming venture on borrowed money. The last thing you want to do is being stuck in a corner and owe money to people or financial institutions.


Use failures as an opportunity to learn:

Although you should avoid getting failure at any point in your life, be it personal or professional, there can be no business without a certain failure in the mix. The point we are trying to understand is that you should utilize every such opportunity to learn from the mistakes, take a note of them and make sure they don't happen again. Never at any time should you be disheartened about a setback in the business. Always be optimistic.


Determine and understand your target market:

Another important thing to do is to understand the market you are growing your products for. Your produce should always coincide with the needs of the market and if you fail to understand this you might end up putting time, effort and money in producing a wrong product which will incur losses to the business. For example, if your market has a demand for blueberries then there is no point cultivating beetroots on a commercial level.


Cultivating the crops passionately:

So, you found out what the market demands and now you have a list of option to choose from. Find out which product incites your passion the most and go with the feeling. Do not get involved in growing a crop that you're not passionate about as you won't be able to give your 100% and as a result you will end up having a low quality produce.


Set realistic goals right from the start:

It is a good idea to be optimistic about your business, but not so wise to overestimate and have unrealistic expectations from it. Just like any other business, farming business will take its own sweet time to flourish. Therefore, you should set realistic expectations and create a set of projections that are achievable in a specific time frame with a certain level of investment. Expecting the farming business to churn out unreal profits will make things difficult for you.


Never stop learning:

Perhaps there is only thing in this world that can only increase- learning. When you're concerned with farming business, there is no dearth of learning. You can always and should always read about ongoing developments in the trade and ask questions  about the same. Share your knowledge with your co-workers, have discussions with the experts and let your knowledge keep flourishing at all times.


Therefore, stop worrying about what others might think- such thoughts have destroyed more dreams than anything else. Take a step forward towards your passion and find the right piece of land to start your venture only at





What if you could unlock the secret behind running a successful farm. As you look for farms for sale in Abbotsford, there are factors that have the ability to take your business to the next level of success. In the following lines we will take a look at some key factors that can help you succeed in the farming business. Have a look at some of these secrets in the following lines:

  • Enjoy what you do: Starting a farm is not a small task and comes with its own set of responsibilities. In order to cope up with the pressures and responsibilities it is best to get accustomed with the tasks beforehand and start enjoying them on a regular basis. Remember, they aren't typical jobs and would require you to manage your time for both work and family.


  • Learn to manage your time effectively: As mentioned in the previous point, it is very important to manage your time effectively for work and family together. You need to spend time in the business but that doesn't mean that you should neglect your family. In case of mismanagement both the business and family life would suffer to a great extent thereby making things difficult for you in the long run. Plan each day, focus on the most important tasks and delegate work to the    employees regularly as you don’t have to do everything yourself.


  • Never forget to give back to the local community: The community plays an important role in taking you towards success and with good relations with the locals you can go a long way. Give back to them via advertisements, bringing locals on board as employees and understand the importance of saying no at the right time.


  • Prioritizing your business goals: Have realistic business projections and set your goals keeping them in mind. Whether it is about the increase in business over a specific period of time or about bringing out a new product. Make sure the goals are measurable and at the same time realistically attainable. If you keep these things in mind, then you will have rewarding results in the near future.


  • Be aware of expenses that follow: Apart from the cost of owning a land there will be additional expenses in the business. To cope up with this you must have a budget that keeps around 25% of the initial capital as a safeguard for these expenses. This way any unforeseen expenses can be dealt in time without putting the owner through unnecessary stress. Be smart and keep some reserves at all times.


  • Being adaptable and open minded at all times: Managing the business growth is a critical factor for business success. Always be adaptable to the ongoing trends and constantly upgrade your skills and impart your learning to your employees. If you try to hide things from the team, they might do the same and this disconnect will lead to decline in the business. Never be afraid to empower genuine employees and give them room to grow.


  • Good service will sell product itself: The present market scenario is such that you cannot rely on product selling. It is your service that will sell your products. Be honest and transparent in your deals and your clients will bring you more business via word of mouth marketing. Invest in service if you have to, as it is bound to generate more business in the times to come.

Find the best land for your venture only at and get industry knowledge along with transparent and honest deals. 


Blueberries are a classic berry that is used extensively used in a large variety of food products today. The blueberry farms for sale in Abbotsford are a clear indication about the growing craze for this fruit's farming as it offers several financial benefits along with its health benefits.


Blueberries also have their own share of health benefits and we will be looking at some of them in the following lines. Also, we will understand the ideal conditions for blueberry farming as we move towards the later part of the article.


Keep your memory sharp with blueberries: As per a study conducted in 2012 it has been found that consuming a portion of blueberries each week will diminish cognitive loss and help you have a good memory for many years. It is believed that blueberries clear out toxic proteins from the body which create memory loss.


Using it as a food dye: Blueberries can be used a dye in food products. It is a natural food source and its uses as a dye date as far back as early American colonial times when the colonists used them to make grey paint.


Dusty colour of the blueberries: Never judge a book by its colour they say, same is the case with blueberries. Blueberries with a dusty in their colour are the most authentic and natural form of blueberries present in the market.

Prepare delicacies at home with blueberries: Although there are a large number of options of blueberry flavoured products, rarely anyone of them has actual blueberries in them. Many top brands use flavouring agents in their blueberry flavoured products. Thus it is best to cook at home and enjoy some authentic dishes.


Blueberry farming is a business that can last up to five decades and with an ideal location you can harvest the best lot of the produce and enjoy the delicacies for a lifetime while making enough profits. Some ideal conditions for blueberry farming include:

The right soil: The soil used in blueberry farming must be drained well and it shouldn't be planted in standing water. They grow best in soils of acidic nature and you can incorporate organic matter into the mix as a top level dressing for ideal results.

To have a lower pH level- pH 5 to be precise for blueberry farming, you can use sawdust, add some nitrogen, use ground sulphur and ammonium sulphate fertilizer.

Access to the sun: The location that you select must have adequate access to the sun, preferably full sun. The sunlight should be available for 3/4th of the day. Later half of the day can have shade but for the most of it, the sun should shine bright above them.

Right way to plant blueberries: The right way to plant blueberries is to plant them at same depth as done in the nursery itself. You must dig a hole that would be twice the size than that of the roots. Once done with that you can compost mixture or bark mulch along with around 10% peat moss.


After the first round of planting add layers of new compost on top while building more of the organic matter. It is a good idea to remove about 25% of the branches in order to boost branching. This will exhibit rapid growth in the 25% you removed. They won't require pruning for three years and once it's done old and dark branches are removed. They require significantly higher amount of water as well.


Create your own blueberry empire today. Find yourself a blueberry farm only at and start a new farming adventure.


Farming and livestock prices rise with time, so do the profits. Looking for a farm for sale in Abbotsford can be challenging and new buyers often face challenges when buying the land to start their farming business. The plan has to be like a well oiled machine and in this article we will take a look at some important tips that new buyers can benefit from.

  1. Considering the financials in detail: Keep in mind the pool of investments that come along with buying a farm. You must find out the upcoming expenditures and evaluate the present day crop farming conditions to buy a piece of land.
  2. How is the money going to enter the channel?: Always plot the chart and have realistic projections keeping in mind the potential revenue and cash flow plans. Make sure you can breakeven easily, try talking to a financial advisor for more details. 
  3. Take your time before making a final decision: Don't be hasty in buying a piece of land. Keep your financial goals clear and share it with the seller. Impulsive decisions aren't good in real estate and thus, you must visit the property and observe it thoroughly.  Also, go through the terms of the agreement thoroughly with the help of a lawyer or realtor. 
  4. Renting versus Owning a piece of land: The age old question- 'Is it better to own or rent a place for business?'   This decision is entirely up to your discretion and you can judge better which option suits you well. Evaluate both aspects with a financial expert before taking a final call on the subject matter.  
  5. Would you rather for a cash payment or take a loan?: A banker can lay out the pros and cons of both the options and help you in determining the better course of action while purchasing the land. Real estate investments have a significant impact on the property's liquidity . By taking  a loan you can save some money that can be utilized as working capital later.
  6. Surveying the land before owning it: There might be confusion in the overall acquisition of the land. Before you purchase, be clear about the land that you are going to acquire in the deal. In case of non- surveyed land, take the help of an attorney and get to know all the minor details about acreage as stated in the legal descriptions. There shouldn't be any easements associated with the land, in case there are any do some homework and study them diligently.
  7. The nature of the soil in the area: Soil is the very foundation for a farming business and thus you should always pay attention to the story of the soil in the area. Put in the practices like crop rotation in the plan and find out if the soil type would work in your planned farming ventures.
  8. Irrigation facilities for the farmland: Check out the irrigation infrastructure beforehand and while you are at it, also understand the water rights associated with the property. Water availability is one of the biggest factors that helps in efficient farming, and if the financials do not cover the cost you can face negative consequences. Abide by all the water laws laid down by the state and have your wells registered with the concerned authorities before going head on in the business.

Finalise the time frame for your farming venture and do the financial budgeting beforehand. You can visit to see the best options for your farming venture at the most competitive prices.



There isn't a stereotypical way of identifying the hobby farmers. There are different time of hobby farmers- while some have bought a retirement home and spending easy life on pension, there are others who want to devote time to their passion with farming and raise fresh vegetables, fruits and animals to live a on self sustained farm.

There are also a considerable number of professionals who take time out during weekends or some getaway vacations to see to their animals, farms, vegetables and take it as a passion while sustaining their primary careers in some other fields. For them it is just a hobby and a means to enhance their creativity into their hobby called 'hobby farming' .

If you're also planning to buy a hobby farm for sale in Abbotsford, then here are a few start up points that you can follow for a smooth sailing ahead.

First step- Plan the purchase: The first thing to do is to plan the purchase and assess what all animals, crops and vegetables you would like to raise on your hobby farm. Allocate your resources and have a clear vision about what you want from your farm. Chalk out a one year plan before making a purchase- to summarise

  • Goal Setting for farm
  • Finalising the crops, animals and vegetables
  • One year plan for farm

Once you've taken the first step and decided on the aforementioned parameters, you can take further action in this regard. To buy the right piece of land it is important to find a suitable property, you can purchase an existing farms or purchase land to create everything from scratch.


Next step, you can start off the farm by having your own chicken coop or maybe set up a barn for your new goats to get started with it.


Break the ice with the neighbours: The next step is to start a series of interactions with your neighbours. Better, if you can find a few farmers who are also into hobby farming like you are. While they can share their own experiences, the professionals can always suggest you ways to improve your farming. Keep them close.


Allocate a budget for your project: Have definitive numbers about the amount  that you wish to spend on the farm. Try to avoid depressed and ultra rural locations which might be having scarce water and farm sizes which aren't very proportional . These will be hard to get rid off while reselling.

Have a budget in mind and tailor your farm plan accordingly. It isn't about huge hectares of land but about buying sufficient land to suit your farming needs


Don’t rush into a purchase decision: It might take some time for you to find the right farm. The time can range between weeks, months or even a whole year for that matter. Decide your area of preference and do not rush into a buying decision just for the sake of it. It is one of the most important investments in your life and hence, it should have all the parameters you're looking for.


Evaluate all the factors carefully: When moving ahead with your plan to buy a hobby farm, you must take your time to evaluate all the factors and take all the details into consideration. The real estate market is full of surprises and you might never know when a good deal may knock your door.


Visit to find out more about hobby farms for sale and find the right one for your needs. They have a wide range of listings at the most competitive prices.




There are a large number of farms for sale in Abbotsford, Langley, Mission, Chilliwack and other nearby areas which are perfect for a hobby farming style of living. Many of us wish to pursue hobby farming and our minds are often clouded with questions related to the same subject.


There needs to be a clarity, as to what you are expecting from the concept and what should the necessary steps that need to be taken in order to pursue this passion. Before moving forward there are multiple things that you should be aware about, as they are concerned directly with hobby farming.


Let's get to know a little more about hobby farming before taking a step forward to buy a farm that will give wings to this passion of yours. Hobby farming isn't associated with the financial aspects of the farming business and you do not really expect to gain monetary benefits out of it.


Although, it is not necessary that you don't have any monetary gains from your hobby farm. Hobby farms are mainly concerned with self sustenance  and are meant to help you hold your own. Apart from the self sufficiency, you may also sell out some poultry items or fresh vegetable produce to the locals to gain some monetary benefits. But, do not expect hobby farming to be your cash cow in the long run.


Hobby farming also requires you to spend some money on basics such as equipments, farm buildings and livestock. Therefore, you must try to have minimum investment in the hobby farming activity to make your stay on the farm easier. But even if you spend money in the same things like a normal farmer would, and do not expect large sums of returns on your investment and just want to use it as a means to an improved self sufficient home then there is no harm in investing.


What exactly is a hobby farm? It is primarily a rural property which isn't really categorised as an income property, but it gives the owners the ability to sell a certain amount of the produce to the local markets. On an average, the size of a hobby farm is between 10-40 hectares and it can be used to carry out a wide range of practices on your farm. From vineyards to small crops or even space to use for some parking.


What are the benefits of having a hobby farm? You can take full advantage of hobby farms and can have a varying yet interesting range of poultry. There can be horse riding terrains and you can also indulge in the plantation of a variety of fruit trees. Apart from taking advantage of non commercial livestock, you can also indulge in fishing or recreational water activities.


Who can purchase a hobby farm? Well, if you want a break from the fast paced city life and live a life free from the daily pursuits then hobby farm is a place for your to be. You can also buy one as your retirement home and enjoy a self sustained, laid back life. Hobby farms serve as a great second home for once in a while retreats from the city.

When you make up your mind about buying a hobby farm then it is essential that your are well prepared for it and get an idea about the things that follow. From cleaning weeds to maintaining and filling water tanks to becoming well aware about bushfire management. Visit and find the right hobby farm to fulfil your dreams.



Nothing feels better than owning a farm from a range of farms for sale in Abbotsford. It is like a dream come true and with your very own farm in amidst the beautiful meadows you can do a lot of awesome things. In this article we will look at four ways you can go green and create a sustained farm for your future.

Create organic fertilizer using Vermicomposting: Use your very own food waste produced inside your home to create a nutrient rich version of organic compost. Yes, it is what you think, compost made with vermin. It comes with its own set of benefits which include:

  • Reducing the amount of waste being thrown away
  • Saves money that would otherwise be spent on waste removal services which are often charged by weight
  • During cold weather creating  a compost becomes extremely difficult
  • With regular vermicomposting you can take advantage of organic  fertilizer when required
  • Its availability is a big boon around the growing season and it comes in handy.

Creating a plan of action for saving environment: Regardless of your farm's size, there is always a chance to create an environment friendly farm with reduced impact on the ecosystem. By creating an environment friendly plan of action into play you can:

  • Reduce the impact of environmental harm to a great extent
  • Manage livestock better on the farm
  • Better use of vehicles used in the farming process
  • Get to know the strengths of implementing the system
  • Have a more enlightened approach with several rewards in the future
  • Increasing the overall performance and efficiency of the farm

Create a hydroponic cultivation system: Now grow some herbs and crop types in a simple, efficient and cost effective manner using the method of hydroponic gardening. It is no longer a thing of curiosity and has become a reality. In this method you can use a wide range of tubes such as plastic pipes to plant crops and they flourish inside the tubes which are supplied with water, extremely rich in nutrients.


How can you take advantage of this innovative growing technique? Here are the ways that you can use:

  • Indoor hydroponic systems can be used to create greenhouse in the premises to grow a wide range of fresh produce throughout the year
  • It isn't complicated and contrary to the belief it isn't so expensive as well
  • You can do it yourself and maintain these systems without much effort
  • Another major benefit is that you consume up to 80% less water as compared to cultivating the same crops in soil
  • It makes farming more sustainable in the long run

Follow crop rotation to maintain the soil health: The practice of crop rotation has been in farming to many hundred years now and there are strong reasons to support this practice. It is one of the easiest methods to rejuvenate the existing soil for its key components without having to implement using chemical fertilizers as the soil regains its nutrients automatically. Here are some major advantages of crop rotation:

  • It prohibits the spread of any disease on the farm
  • The dependency on chemicals is reduced to almost zero
  • It helps in keeping plants blight free and doesn't let them rot
  • It reduces the extent of weather damage and prevent the soild from eroding
  • It is a natural way of producing a robust set of crops and adds to environmental benefits.

Visit today and find the right piece of land to start your own farm. With the aforementioned practices you can start farming in a simple and economical manner to yield high quality organic produce.


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