There are plenty of careers and job opportunities out there. Some are professional and others are manual or less professional. Whatever the case may be, there is one activity that is the backbone of many economies and that is in the blood of every person because this is what our ancestors used to do. That activity is farming.
Framing is an easy and simple way to make money and yet do something that helps you stay close to nature at the same time. Like any job, it is well paying and can give you better returns if you put in more effort.
Another very big benefit of farming is that it can help you give back to the community via farming. This means basically being more active in giving back to the community through various ways like organic farming, farm to table logistics and so on. There are several ways to give back to the community through farming and listed below are a few of those:

1. Organic farming- Being responsible while interacting with the environment is the best way to give back to the farm. Organic farming is the method where the farming is done in such as way so as to reduce chemical waste and the release of unnecessary chemicals into the environment. It also helps the produce be healthier and fresher. This method of farming does not involve the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Only natural and non-chemical stuff is involved and this helps the farm produce be high on quality as well.

2. Farm to Table- This is a method of distribution of farm produce. In this, the farmers make a pact with local restaurants, cafes and more and promise to supply them their fresh produce to be served to their customers. This is helpful to both the farmers as well as the customers as everyone gets the maximum benefit out of this arrangement. The farmers get good market and the café owners get fresh producewhile this lowers the cost of the food too, the customers get affordable food which is fresh and also very delicious. 


3. Innovative farming- By using innovative methods of farming like hydro-farming and organic farming, one can take good care of the environment also. These methods are proven to also get great returns to the framers and these are also known to be a great way to give back to the community.

4. Planting more trees- By panting more trees on your farm, you can actually get several benefits for yourself as well as give back to the community in general. The benefits of planting trees are that they really help control soil erosion. These trees hold the sand in place and ensure that the sand doesn’t get washed away. So, you get ample of benefits of the trees in your farm. The trees also make a great way to give back to the environment as planting more trees is always a great idea.

Finally, if you are convinced that these methods are great to give back to the community then you must make up your mind to start a farm of your own. Having a farm is very beneficial and with these innovative methods, you can also do well for the world in a larger sense. Just get ready to start a farm of your own and also make great profits.
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Are you already planning to buy a farm? Farms are a great way to have property that makes money for you. Farms are the best way to invest your money in such a way that it gives you back ample returns in the times to come. Farming is one such activity that allows you to stay close to nature and make a lot of good profits over the years. Organic farming and other modern methods of farming have taken off really well in the past few years making farming more profitable than ever.

There are a number of Chilliwack farms for sale for all those who are interested in buying these. You can choose any one that you like and make a purchase. However, it is important to make sure that the farm is perfect in each way possible. This can be done by looking at the following points. Just take a look at the points below to keep in mind before finally buying a farm.

  1. The weather - One must be aware of the weather of the area where he is buying a far. The area needs to be a well-developed area and the weather must be such that the farming is helped. The weather in any area has a direct impact on the farm that is going to be there. So, make sure that the weather you are choosing is apt for the farm crops that you will be planting in the long run.
  2.  The cost – You obviously need to make sure that the farm that you are interested in buying fits into your budget and is as per your requirement too. If any property is not cost effective, it will not be profitable for you in the long run. So, fix a budget and try to get the best deal in that budget.
  3. The area and amenities – The area of the farm and all the amenities nearby are necessary to make sure that the farm will be successful. Good amenities are a necessity because you must be able to arrange all the requirements around the farm itself.
  4. Labor – When you have a farm, you will surely require many people to work as labor and farmhands. So, make sure that the labor available around the place is well experienced and easily available.
  5. Resale value – Anyone who invests in property is always concerned about the resale value of the property. So, it is important to ensure that your property has a good resale value. This can be determined by the area, the fertility and the kind of crops that are being sowed on the farm. Maintenance of a farm also adds to its resale value with well-maintained farms fetching better prices.
  6. Fertility – It will do you good to check up the fertility of the farm land that you are buying. This will help you determine the kind of crops to sow and the best methods to do the farming to achieve maximum profits.

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Farming is an activity that is probably the oldest activity that mankind has ever done. Farming has been around for hundreds of years and commercial farming has evolved largely over the years. Millions of years ago, farming as done only as a barter system. This meant that farmers who produced more crop than they required would barter it with crops of other farmers. So, if a farmer is producing only wheat he could keep all the wheat he wants and then barter the rest from another farmer who is producing rice. This way, the barter system progresses. Slowly, it was spread over many other economies. So, a farmer could now barter his crop with cattle, vegetables, other household items and so on.
Thus, with the advent of currency, commercial farming finally took off and farming actually became a way of making money for the farmers. Over the years, farming as a commercial activity has now become very common. In fact, most of the farming in the world is done for commercial purposes only. Now, farming is one of the most popular economic activities all over the globe.

There are several crops that are great as commercial crops. Before choosing a commercial crop, one needs to take care of a few important points. Some of these are elaborated below:

1. Climate and Topography- One needs to ensure that the area where the farming has to be done is actually good for the crop that one is planting. So, the topography and area are very important to note when the choice of a commercial crop is to be made.

2. Profitability- One needs to do research to make sure that the crop they are planting is highly profitable and is going to bring lots of profits in the future as well. So, the profitability of the crop is another major factor to consider.

3. Framing Method- You need to decide the method of farming. Whether you are interested in traditional farming or organic farming or any other way of farming is important to note.

4. Security- Plan well to save and secure the crop against any vagaries of nature or the atmosphere.

Considering all the above points and keeping all of these in mind, we can now discuss the crops that are generally considered best as commercial crops.

1. Bamboo- Bamboo is profitable for the reason that it grows really fast and can be harvested for almost a period of 40 years. So, bamboo is a very high yielding crop that you should consider planting for profit.

2. Cotton- Cotton is very popular because it is a crop that is very popular and high in demand. So, cotton is a famous cash crop widely harvested all over the world.

3. Grapes- Grapes are another popular cash crop. They are popular because they have several uses. They can be used as they are for direct consumption, they can even be dried to be preserved as jams and preserves and so on. Also, the most profitable use is to convert them into wine and earn superb profits.

If you are also interested in commercial farming and want to do it as a regular task, then you can consider any of the above crops after taking into consideration the points given above. If you are looking for a farm to begin your farming on, there are a number of highly productive farms for sale in Mission. http://www.fraservalleyfarm.cawill help you get the best farms for sale in Mission at the best rates. Get in touch now to kick start your farming dream right away.


With new innovations in all fields of farming and agriculture, hydroponic farming has emerged as a new and popular method of farming. This method is believed to be the next level of innovation in the field of farming. This is a technique in farming in which the farming is done in water and not soil. The soil is made to contain all the necessary ingredients that essentially replace manure in the soil.

The water to be used in hydroponic farming is not normal water. It is enriched with nutrients and minerals that aid in the growth of healthy plants. As the water is managed before being used, the farmers can make sure that the water is perfect for any kind of farming and that it is required. The ph. level of the water is also maintained to ensure that the plants get optimum nutrition that helps them grow well and healthy. A whole hydroponic system is created and followed for the hydroponic farming to be possible. This system contains the following:

  1. Plant Root System Support- In the case of hydroponic farming, some medium like sand or gravel or even plastic is used to support the plant root system.
  2. Supply of Nutrients- In normal farming, the nutrients are supplied through the organic material in the soil while in hydroponic farming, nutrients are added to the water so that they reach the plants.
  3. Supply of Oxygen- In normal farming, the oxygen comes to the plants from the soil but in hydroponic system it comes from the water.
  4. Supply of Water- In soil based farming, the water is given to the soil while in hydroponic farming, and the water is directly available to the plants.

In the current world, there are a number of benefits of hydroponic farming. Some of these are enlisted below:

  1. In Hydroponic farming, all the nutrients that are already in the water are used up, hence there is less wastage of nutrients and lesser pollution as well.
  2. As the plants are constantly in water, the plants require less water overall. There is no need of external watering the plants. So, farming is made more useful and less wasteful.
  3. As the whole environment for the plants is already managed, the yield is better and the health of the plants is also better.
  4. The management and automation of hydroponic system is easier and very convenient.
  5. Hydroponic farming requires lesser space as compared to normal or soil based farming.
  6. The quality of the final product will be higher in hydroponic farming and the produce will be also to fetch better profits.
  7. If hydroponic farming is combined with greenhouse technology, it only makes the whole system easier and the farming more profitable.

With all these amazing benefits of hydroponic farming, more and more farmers are investing in this method of farming that is helping them get amazing products and huge profits. If you are also someone who wants to join the hydroponic farming revolution, then you should definitely get a new farm in Fraser Valley area and get the hydroponic farm set up. will be the best place to get your ideal farm from. Here you will be able to check out all the farms for sale in Mission, Langley, Chilliwack and all the other areas of Fraser Valley. You will get the best advice for investment in properties and the best suggestions on all the aspects of investing in a property and especially in a farm. So, get in touch with and make your dream farm a reality now.


What is sustainable agriculture?

Sustainable agriculture is a way of carrying out agriculture with full regards towards the ecosystem. Sustainable agriculture focuses on keeping the ecosystem intact while carrying out agriculture. It means that care is taken to ensure proper care for the soil, the water and all the other elements while farming.
Traditional methods of farming without the use of machinery, or chemicals was a way that helped control the carbon footprint of the agricultural practice. However, with the modern techniques focusing on automation of almost all the techniques used in farming, the carbon emissions have increased leading to a number of ill effects on the environment.
Let us take a quick look on some features of sustainable farming:

1. Crop Rotation: This is the most effective way to do sustainable farming. With crop rotation one can sow several different varieties of crops over the year. This has multiple benefits for the farmer as well as the ecosystem. The soil is replenished during the crop rotation thus allowing for better yields. This also helps cut the pests’ cycles. The pests are known to affect one kind of crops and get used to the terrain over a period of time. With crop rotation, this pest cycle can be broken.

2. Cover Crops- These also help in sustainable agriculture as cover crops help save the soil from being eroded and washed away. Farmers prefer to keep the fields covered and never leave it barren even in between crop rotations. This helps keep the plant cover all year long and also helps increase the yield.

3. Soil Enrichment- Rich and healthy soil is the most essential part of an ecosystem. Having healthy soil also guarantees better produce all through the year. Soil enrichment can be managed by adding only organic manure and natural compost to make the soil feel fresh and healthy.

4. Natural pest control- There are some kind of pests that can very well be controlled with the use of other organisms and animals that help keep the pests in check. This makes the use of chemical pesticides unnecessary and this also adds a lot of goodness to the ecosystem in general.

5. Bio Intensive Integrated Pest management- This approach is a system of pest management and control through biological methods and not through chemical techniques. In this method, the use of chemicals is disapproved and is allowed only as a last resort.

Let us now take a look at a few benefits of sustainable farming:

1. Environmental Conservation- This is the most important benefit of sustainable agriculture. It results in environmental conservation which is very important for the whole ecosystem in general.

2. Public safety- When fruits and vegetables are grown without the use of chemical based pesticides and insecticides then it is safer for the public to consume the same. Thus it also contributes to public safety.

3. Prevents Pollution- Sustainable Framing helps keep pollution in check with lesser chemicals being used in farming and lesser toxic waste being emitted in the environment.

4. Reduction in Cost- Sustainable agriculture is known to reduce the need of fossil fuels thus making it a cost effective method of farming.

5. Popularity- Organic farming is very popular these days and anyone using techniques of sustainable farming will get benefit of popularity among buyers.

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